Remote Backup Services by Safe2be

A local backup as a service solution hosted in Belgium

Do you really need your own infrastructure?

Making backups of data is crucial for the correct functioning of any organization. However, investing in and maintaining your own infrastructure can be very time and money consuming.

With Remote Backup Services, you're sure to gain efficiency, security and money... It's a worry-free solution!

What is Remote Backup as a Service?

Remote Backup Services (RBS) is a Backup as a Service solution hosted in EASI's cloud.

You have the certainty that your data stays solely on Belgian territory and that it is managed by a local partner that you know.

Your data remain your property and are managed by our best engineers.

Why should I use Safe2be Remote Backup Services?

Safe2be provides a cost-effective remote backup solution hosted in Belgium. Thanks to Safe2be, your backups are taken correctly following your own defined time schedule, and they are tested regularly, to ensure a smooth restore in case of need. The solution is very flexible and able to follow your evolutions in terms of data volumes. You only pay what you use!

With Safe2be Remote Backup Services, your business departments can concentrate on their core business, and your IT departments can work on strategic, future-oriented projects with high added value. They don't longer need to take care of backup tapes, store them in a secure environment, test them, ensure maintenance tasks... because this is all included in Safe2be RBS!

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