Recovery services

Making backups is one thing... Being able to restore them in case of need, is another!

Restoring your backups was never so easy!

An organisation that wants to manage its own backup procedures, faces numerous logistic and handling constraints which is a source of human errors and sometimes major costs. With Safe2be, you are 100% free to concentrate on your main business and you entrust the logistics to specialists in their domain.

You will gain in time and efficiency in the event of a restore! Indeed, no need to bring back a tape stored elsewhere since you can perform the restore online, as soon as you want or need to!

Why Safe2be?

You can confidently plan any development (upwards or downwards) of your business without having to worry about the impacts that this will have on the correct performance of your backups!

You are guaranteed that your data backups will always be properly and suitably performed, whatever the development of your business.

The restoration process of your backups will be executed a lot faster, more efficiëntly and without hassle. Different backup restore guarantee levels are available, depending on your RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective).

Backup & Recovery Test

An assurance towards a successful Disaster Recovery, including a yearly restore test. Based on the results, recommendations are done to improve the quality of the backups.

Cold Recovery Services

An infrastructure is available in case of a disaster. When the disaster happens, the customer will use previously taken backups to restore the environment using EASI’s infrastructure as soon as possible.

Quick Recovery Services

A duplicate of the original site of the organization. Real-time (or near real-time) synchronisation is used between the two sites to mirror the environments. Following a disaster, the backup-site can be used in no time, with minimal loss to normal operations and data.

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