"Assurance about the validity of our backups"

Dilibel is responsible for the distribution in Belgium and Luxembourg of works by publishers belonging to a well-known French group as well as works by any other publishers placing their confidence in Dilibel's distribution expertise. Dilibel has two sites in Belgium: one in Alleur (registered office and distribution center) and another in Brussels (commercial site). 

Dilibel recently turned to EASI for a 'BRT' (Backup Restore Test) project for its IBM Power Systems i-platform. 
A backup is a precautionary measure designed to minimise the unfortunate consequences of losing data. The restore test enables users to see if the backups are actually valid and can actually be relied upon. 

Why did Dilibel decide to perform a BRT?

"First and foremost because our concern about having to cope with a disaster", according to Mr Charlier, Dilibel's IT officer. "All the necessary steps have been taken to make regular backups but what certainty is there that we can continue to operate in the event of a disaster on the basis of these backups? We need to receive regular assurances about their validity." 

Why did you opt for EASI?

"Dilibel recently had EASI swap its old AS/400 system for  the latest generation IBM Power i Systems. So we asked the same partner to perform this test, as EASI has built up extensive expertise in this field. This also provided an opportunity to simulate the test in real circumstances by having a backup restored in the EASI data center on a system other than the original one!" 

What did Dilibel gain from this?

"First and foremost this served to put Dilibel's mind at rest, because the test worked out perfectly. We were also able to measure in practice how much time is needed to set up the entire system in the event of a crash. The test also showed interesting lines of inquiry for improving the way our backups are now made. The advice by the EASI system engineers has been used by Dilibel to adapt its backup-procedures so the time they take can be shortened. In the final analysis, we have now saved over one hour per backup or a 50% return for Dilibel!"

"The experience was also personally rewarding", concludes Mr Charlier. During the test period, Mr Charlier had the opportunity to become better acquainted with the EASI system engineers and ask them lots of questions, every one of which obviously received an answer.


André Charlier

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IT Responsible

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