"Fast recovery time and performing backup environment"

Fedasil is a Federal Agency for the reception (guidance, material aid, ...) of asylum seekers. The public interest organisation also coordinates the various voluntary return programmes. Their are 18 reception centres across Belgium with 1200 employees and the head office is situated in Brussels.

Dirk Elsen from Fedasil explains why they chose EASI

We chose for Safe2be because :

  • our hardware infrastructure needed to be renewed, 
  • our IT department had not enough resources to support the IBM system, 
  • the application is very critical on a company level and is used everyday by an average of 120 users.

Adittional advantages are the fast recovery time in case of a technical failure and the performant backup environment. For the support of a fast web connection with the datacenter, we opted for an exclusive Proximus Explore line.


Dirk Elsen

Job Title:

IT Manager

Product Installed: