"Thanks to real-time data replication, both environments are constantly kept up-to-date."

Mensura's core business is guaranteeing health and safety in the workplace, specializing in prevention and protection, absenteeism and child allowances.

Mensura has been a respected customer of EASI for many years. Their IT-infrastructure is mainly hosted in one of Belgacom's data centers, where 3 IBM Power i machines provide services for the employees and customers of Mensura.

From the start, EASI has maintained these systems by means of Managed Services. Recently, Mensura decided to use Safe2be.

We therefore, duplicated their environment to EASI's Safe2be, and established secure communications between the two locations. Real-time data replication ensures that both environments are constantly kept up-to-date. In case a disaster happens at the primary data center, Mensura is able to autonomously switch over to the disaster location, Safe2be, and continue their business as usual from the disaster location - without data loss and minimal interruptions for the business. Since we test this procedure regularly, we are sure it works. Every time.

We have determined the following benefits for Mensura :

  • Guaranteed continuity of business applications for customers, users and stake holders
  • Gain in flexibility thanks to EASI's "pay as you go" model
  • Cost reduction ( e.g. Housing of other systems)
  • Warranty to continue Mensura's activities in case of a major disaster with minimal business impact.


Wim Meert

Job Title:

IT Manager

Product Installed:

Business Continuity